Making All Things New – The Shroud of Turin and Secular Transhumanism

Join Benedictine College in the O’Malley-McAllister Auditorium on Monday, March 25 at 7:30 pm for a special presentation by Those Two Priests.

In this two-part presentation, Fr. Andrew Dalton and Fr. Michael Baggot stand at the intersection of science and faith to examine the Turin Shroud and secular Transhumanism. In light of the Paschal Mystery, they weave together the ancient, the futuristic, and the eternal.

– Fr Andrew Dalton focuses on the Shroud of Turin and the Resurrection of Christ.
– Fr Michael Baggot contrasts Christian hope with that of secular Transhumanism.

The Shroud of Turin is a linen cloth that bears the bloodstained image of a man who has been tortured and crucified. It is also the most studied archeological object in the history of the world. Even so, the way in which the body image was impressed upon the cloth remains unexplained. Was it the work of a forger? Or is it the natural effect of a supernatural event? If Christ is risen from the dead, what difference does it make? Fr Andrew Dalton fleshes out the unique sufferings of the man in light of the Turin Shroud and unpacks the Biblical Theology of the Passion of the Christ.

Transhumanism is the intellectual and cultural movement to radically enhance humanity through technology. How does the transhumanist movement retell the Christian story? Can technology deliver the salvation religion promises but fails to give? How might AI, cyborgs, and designer babies contribute to the future of humanity? Can Christians be transhumanists? Fr. Michael Baggot summarizes the key ideas, thinkers, and goals of Transhumanism. He compares and contrasts the secular movement and Catholicism to show how best to flourish in a technocentric world.